Using extensive energy audit and calculation expertise to devise a database to collate and analyse a large and complex data set, and forecast future trends.

The challenge

Sustainability Victoria wanted to conduct a detailed analysis of its business energy auditing program. Data had been collected by multiple auditors, which had led to some inconsistencies and non-standard collection. It was also highly confidential.

Common Capital was engaged to collate and analyse data from a significant number of business energy audits, to identify trends and forecast future needs.

Our approach

Common Capital has extensive experience of energy audits and devising calculation methods for schemes. We created a database to collate the data for analysis and had the knowledge to interpret and extract the technical information from the non-standard audit reports.

We selected the most relevant data for analysis, and we were able to come up with a detailed picture of energy saving opportunities for Victorian businesses. We were also able to make recommendations about future data gathering. To meet the strict confidentiality requirements, we agreed to work in-house at Sustainability Victoria’s offices.

The outcome

We provided Sustainability Victoria with a detailed analysis of energy saving opportunities and recommendations for future policy work to provide incentives for businesses which are currently being considered. Recommendations also included improvements to the audit and data collection process.