Providing legislative expertise to an industry association to understand the impact of draft legislation on its members and lodge a submission.

Client: Energy Efficiency Certificate Creators Association

The challenge

The proposed introduction of the Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) by the Australian Government had potentially significant implications for members of the Energy Efficiency Certificate Creators Association (EECCA).

EECCA is an industry association that represents companies that deliver energy efficiency upgrades. EECCA engaged Common Capital to help them quickly understand the implications of the ERF consultation draft legislation to its members and draft a submission to the government on their behalf.

Our approach

EECCA had a very short timeframe to review lengthy draft legislation, understand implications with respect to the organisation’s established policy positions on the issue, draft responses and obtain board approval.

Common Capital has significant experience in both the legislative framing and drafting process and adopting and applying legislation through programs. This gave us the insight to be able to very quickly review the legislation against the existing association policy positions and provide a summary of the implications and key policy points.

Our understanding of how the energy efficiency market operates helped us to clearly describe how the legislation and proposed administrative arrangements would impact the day to day operating reality for industry members.

We set up a group of board members and subject matter experts from the association and engaged closely with them over the project to identify and respond to likely issues as they arose and ensure they did not impact on approval times.

The outcome

Our experience working in government and running public consultations allowed us to write a very concise, powerful submission that linked in with policy objectives, within the very tight timeframe. The draft submission which was approved and lodged by the board as part of the ERF consultation.