Interviewing air quality experts from around the world and researching international funding models to inform a new best-practise approach for NSW.

Client: NSW Office of Environment and Heritage

The challenge

The air quality monitoring network in NSW had grown incrementally over time, with diverse funding models and multiple locations. The NSW Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) wanted to review the network and adopt a more systematic approach to station funding and locations. OEH engaged Common Capital to research air quality management best practise from around the world.

Our approach

Obtaining sensitive financial information from desktop research can be extremely difficult. The team at Common Capital used their expertise and networks in American, Europe, Asia and New Zealand to obtain valuable information and insights. Our deep knowledge of funding models and government helped us to know where to look, who to ask and what questions to ask.

We conducted detailed desktop research, and a comprehensive suite of interviews with air quality experts from around the world to benchmark and both assess the appropriateness of the NSW approach, and identify where international expertise could enhance it.

The outcome

A thorough review of a significant number of international schemes allowed OEH to define a framework for the future management of the air quality management network in NSW.

It affirmed where OEH was currently in line with, or exceeding best practise and identified areas for improvement with examples of effective operational funding frameworks that could be drawn on to inform the development of local frameworks.