People-first planning

Program design

To deliver lasting benefits to the community, programs need more than just effective management.

Successful programs must address the real needs of users. They must explicitly meet policy goals. And if they’re going to stick around, they also need to demonstrate their value.

Common Capital can help you address these fundamentals at the design stage. Our human-centred approach begins by considering the capacities and motivations of all relevant actors involved in a program. 

That includes the point of view of end-users, and whether the program furthers the intent of policy. We also assist in evaluation planning, like ensuring you’ve got meaningful baseline of impact data to measure benefits from the outset.

It’s all backed up by decades of experience in policy research, development, implementation and reform, and expertise in a wide range of tools and innovative policy instruments.

Common Capital can help you with:

  • Program logic definition
  • Program theory of change
  • Co-design
  • User experience design
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Risk assessments
  • Capability assessments
  • Financial analysis
  • Resource planning
  • Pricing strategy
  • Improving your business/operating model
  • Developing an integrated vison, objectives and KPIs
  • Organisation, divisional, branch, and section planning
  • Managing your costs
  • Increasing your revenue
  • Delivering better outcomes with the resources you have
  • Risk assessments and reviews
  • Technology strategy
  • Process design, redesign and automation
  • Assessing and improving your operational structures and capabilities
  • Pricing strategy
  • Improving your business/operating model
  • Sourcing strategy

A selection of case studies