Benchmarking international best practice environmental policies and programs that drive economic growth.

Client: NSW Department of Industry

The challenge

The NSW Premier’s Innovation Council identified the environmental goods and services sector as a priority area for driving innovation and economic growth in NSW.

Common Capital was engaged by the NSW Department of Industry to look for examples of international best practise that simultaneously delivered sustainable environmental outcomes and drove innovation and economic growth.

Our approach

Common Capital conducted a methodical analysis of international programs drawing on our expertise in both the development and the implementation of policy and programs. We defined the scope of the project, clearly defining the environmental goods and services sector, and identified the countries to focus our research.

Our experience gave us the insight to know who to ask, what to ask, and develop a detailed understanding of overseas policies. 

We evaluated which policies were successful and why, which weren’t successful, and the lessons learned from these, and assessed the adaptability of schemes to the Australian market. This included qualitative research and analysis of environmental goods and services section market composition, trends and economic impacts in selected international jurisdictions.

We also carried out an analysis of existing programs and policies in NSW to identify opportunities to build on existing strengths. Where NSW was already a leader with successful programs like the Energy Savings Scheme, we looked at opportunities for NSW businesses to export goods and services from NSW to other countries.

We identified where international best practise could be applied to enhance the existing programs introduce new programs in NSW.

The outcome

Our findings and recommendations were presented to the NSW Innovation and Productivity Council, and are being considered as part of the work program to implement the NSW Government’s Innovation Strategy.