A detailed scheme review drawing on national technical expertise and a significant public consultation to inform future directions.

Client: ACT Environment and Planning Directorate

The challenge

The ACT Environment and Planning Directorate was required to carry out a statutory review of regulations and sub regulations for their Energy Efficiency Improvement Scheme (EEIS). The scheme obligates electricity and gas retailers in ACT to help customers reduce energy consumption and make their homes more comfortable.

Common Capital were engaged to conduct the review, with three key aims: to expand the scheme into business; make it more accessible to energy providers and review and update all the energy saving activities currently included in the scheme, taking into account market conditions and the government’s commitment to a 100% renewable energy target.

Our approach

Common Capital combined strategic policy, program evaluation and regulatory drafting experience with a strong understanding of residential and commercial energy efficiency, market-based policy and energy efficiency trading schemes to conduct a detailed review.

Working from first principles we defined the policy objectives and opportunities and developed and applied a prioritisation framework. We engaged national technical experts in lighting efficiency, appliances and building form to work with us on the detailed analysis of energy efficiency activities.

We delivered a detailed public consultation paper and detailed presentations and public forum to more than 200 stakeholders.

Finally we completed the technical drafting of all of the relevant regulations for the ACT government.

As part of the project, we also developed an integration strategy for the ACT EEIS and the NSW Energy Savings Scheme, drafting service level agreements and MoUs with the NSW Government, and internal program and process design.

The outcome

The regulations were approved by the minister and the scheme was expanded to business.