John Denlay

Senior Associate

Located in Adelaide

Bachelor of Engineering (Hons I)
(NSW Institute of Technology)

Masters of Environmental Studies
(University of NSW)

About John

John Denlay is a senior policy and program strategist, with more than a decade’s experience in senior sustainability roles. He has devised, implemented and evaluated many highly successful sustainability
policies and programs, with a focus on energy efficiency and demand side management.

He has detailed technical experience in the development and implementation of national energy programs including GEMS, NatHERS and the sustainability components of Australia’s national building standards.

He also has considerable experience in the water, waste and resource management sectors and has the capacity to apply his strategic approach and the principles of good policy and program design to other sectors.

Career highlights

  • Designed and implemented the successful South Australian government Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme (REES) delivering energy savings to households and businesses and stimulating the state’s energy efficiency sector.
  • Led the development of South Australia’s air-conditioning conditioning energy efficiency standards, which drove the implementation of higher national standards.
  • Represented South Australia nationally on senior officer level COAG forums driving national energy policy.
  • Provided analysis and policy support that formed the basis for the South Australia adopting the 6-star energy efficiency requirements for new homes.
  • Led the design, implementation and review of South Australia’s greenhouse gas and flow rate performance standards.

Issue and service expertise

John’s experience covers policy development, analysis and advocacy, program design and implementation, strategic planning and corporate governance, and information processing for the research, community and government sectors. 

The issues John has worked on cover energy efficiency, demand management, climate change, social inclusion, pollution control, waste management and wastewater management. His policy experience covers strategic policy, economic analysis and briefings to support Ministerial Council, Ministerial and Cabinet decisions, through to detailed operational policy and program evaluations.

Previous roles

Prior to Common Capital, John was the Manager Demand Management for the South Australian Department of State Development. He has also worked for the Conservation Council of South Australia, the Northern Territory Government, CSIRO and held a range of roles in the IT sector.