Transforming complex technical solar financing information into easy to understand content for businesses and individuals.

The challenge

The NSW government wanted to help residential and business consumers navigate the complex range of finance options available for Solar PV, to increase Solar PV uptake in the state.

Common Capital was engaged by the NSW Department of Environment and Heritage (OEH) to analyse all the financial products available and produce easy to understand content for a guide and website to help households and businesses choosing Solar PV.

Our approach

Common Capital assembled a multi-disciplined team, with solar PV, economic and market knowledge and consumer journalism expertise, to transform highly complex data into easily accessible consumer content.

We analysed and broke down every commercially available finance product on the market into its individual elements including contract terms, consumer protection, terminology and identified the costs and benefits of each product.

This information was transformed into simple consumer content, to help households and businesses plan their solar PV installation, understand the finance options available to them, and compare the costs and benefits of different products.

We also produced case studies of a range of commercial buildings that had installed solar PV using different financial products.

At the same time as researching the guide, we also carried out research into national trends, pricing and product benchmarking of packaged solar PV and storage solutions, and packaged solar PV and end use equipment (e.g. pumps, etc) which was not used in the guide, but would be used by the NSW government to inform future policy.

The outcome

Common Capital produced a detailed household guide and business guide covering extensive technical, financial and market benchmarking research, which were provided to businesses and households in NSW.