Analytical? Creative? Want to change the world?

If you’re the right fit, we’ll find a way for you to work with us from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

We’re not your average consultancy. It’s why we don’t deliver average results.

At Common Capital we look for people with a record of outstanding academic, professional and personal achievement, and a demonstrated ability to apply their creativity, initiative and persistence to solve complex problems and implement solutions.

Our head office is in the CBD of Sydney, Australia, but most of our team work remotely in locations across Australia and the world, in the hours that best fit in with their lives. It helps our people achieve a work-life balance, and results in lower overheads which are passed on to our clients in lower costs.

We demand very high levels of professionalism, self-discipline and time management, and a firm commitment to delivering outstanding work on time and within budget. In return, we provide opportunities to work with and learn from talented people, and help governments solve important problems at an economy-wide scales.

Current opportunities to join us

We are currently seeking a full-time graduate consultant, casual researchers, analysts and established subject matter experts. 

We’re are particularly keen to hear from people who excel in one, or more, of the following areas:

  • public policy/political economy/economics
  • behavioural economics
  • UX design
  • financial/business analysis and strategy
  • data science/applied mathematics/statistics
  • engineering/computer science.

For more information please contact [email protected]