Clear, compelling evidence of the impact you’re making

Benefits measurement & verification

Demonstrating the impact of a great policy or program can be tricky.

Especially if your initiative avoids costs and burdens by intervening across the supply chain and different portfolios. 

Vital economic, social and health benefits from energy efficiency, early childhood, or crime diversion programs may not be captured by statistics that are easy to source, like literacy rates.

Common Capital can help you measure what matters. We’re experts in methodologies for quantifying benefits, from evidence-based counterfactual scenarios to statistical analysis and modelling. In fact, we’re pioneers in adapting robust statistical methodologies from engineering and sciences into the context of regulatory frameworks and impact measurement research.

We provide formal measurement and verification (M&V), plus a wide range of methodologies and techniques including deemed site, stock, and market baselines, randomised controlled trials, recruit and delay, recruit and deny, and propensity scoring.

Our qualified M&V professionals can help you count the uncountable.

M&V is a robust, systematic way of estimating benefits like avoided energy or water consumption. The international gold standard for M&V is the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol: a framework of principles, practices, training, certification, tools and guides for best practice.

Our team includes Certified M&V Professionals (CMVPs) and advanced statisticians with extensive experience applying M&V across a range of technologies in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. This includes single site M&V and multi-site sampling M&V. We’ve helped governments across the country develop M&V regulations and compliance tools. Our experience spans the NSW Energy Savings Scheme (ESS), Victorian Energy Upgrades Scheme (VEET), Australian Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF), and South Australian Building Upgrade Finance (BUF).

Common Capital can help you with:

  • EVO and IPART Certified Measurement and Verification (CMVP) professional review and sign-off
  • Developing robust models of baseline / counterfactual scenarios verification of avoided negative outcomes
  • Quantifying energy savings and abatement under energy and carbon certificate schemes
  • Developing and drafting formal deemed and project based regulatory methodologies for white certificate/baseline and credit schemes
  • Developing building and product performance ratings
  • Evaluation impact research design, data gathering and analysis
  • Experimental design and statistical analysis of policy and program outcomes
  • A:B testing and randomized control trials with static and continuous recruitment
  • Sampling design and analysis
  • Multi variate regression analysis
  • Propensity scoring

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