Economic insights you can put to use

Economic analysis

Nuanced analysis that helps you make better policy, not just choose between existing options.

We often see economic reports used at the end of policy development to choose a “winner” out of competing approaches, or to gain support during the approval process. But policy alternatives aren’t fixed entities—they’re evolving ideas that are refined through iteration. 

At Common Capital, we help you use economic modelling to test and improve policy options from an early stage.

We provide both rigour and nuance by combining quantitative and qualitative methods and a deep understanding of policy, program and market realities. 

We draw on decades of experience in developing robust economic models using state and national government frameworks, that meet the stringent demands of Treasuries and regulatory review agencies.

Thanks to our strength in evaluation research, modelling and data analysis, and benefits measurement and verification, we know what it takes to develop meaningful quantitative measures of the value of public goods—including where to source relevant, credible input data.

Common Capital can help you with:

  • Regulatory impact assessments and statements
  • Policy impact analysis
  • Business case development
  • Economic and financial modelling
  • Market impacts, free rider and spillover effects analysis
  • Funding reviews
  • Cost-benefit analysis and appraisal
  • Multi criteria assessment
  • Distributional impact analysis
  • Economic policy and research
  • Benchmarking, pricing and costing advisory
  • Emissions inventories and projections
  • Energy productivity analysis and target setting
  • Product/technology stock and sales modelling
  • Program/technology uptake analysis
  • Emissions inventories, baselines and projections

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