Evaluation meets collaboration

Evaluation & impacts research

As your evaluation partners, we provide credible, independent assessment within a framework of collaboration.

Our objective, methodical process is informed by deep familiarity with your goals and constraints, based on specialist domain knowledge. 

We help you leverage lasting benefits from the evaluation process by identifying latent opportunities to improve design and delivery, or avert future pitfalls.

We are uniquely adept at integrating both quantitative and qualitative evaluation tools. This guarantees rigour while capturing key insights that statistics can easily miss. 

We offer particular expertise in assessing initiatives that measure hard-to-quantify public benefits, especially innovative schemes that harness markets and technologies.

Common Capital can help you with:

  • Formative evaluations
  • Summative evaluations
  • Program logic and theory of change design
  • Policy framework review
  • Outcome indicator design and measurement
  • Analysis of spill-over effects and free riding
  • Primary and secondary impacts research and analysis
  • Market impact evaluation
  • Cost-effectiveness, cost:benefit analysis
  • Baseline modelling and verification of avoided negative outcomes

A selection of case studies