Rock-solid data science to underpin your vision

Modelling & data analysis

Build the evidence base for successful initiatives by finding and interpreting data the right way.

Common Capital’s team of best-in-class data analysts and policy experts help you find meaning
in complexity—whether analysing data sets you already have, assembling new data through surveys and sampling, or sorting and regularising statistics that are biased or corrupted.

When the analysis is done, we can help you turn it into a compelling presentation for senior
government. Evidence-based analysis is key to successful policy and program design, forms the basis of robust forecasting, provides baselines for understanding long-term trends, and helps to make sense of qualitative research.

It’s also crucial for policy experimentation and iteration, like this initiative by the Finnish Prime Minister’s Office: an approach that recognises policy rarely succeeds or fails absolutely but rather lands somewhere in between and undergoes gradual, iterative improvement.

We can assist you with rigorous experiment design, drawing on our long track record of adapting best practice protocols from science and engineering to measure outcomes. We also help clients set up A:B tests to compare and refine design features in the real world, integrating empirical methods with agile startup principles.

Common Capital can help you with:

  • Program/technology uptake analysis
  • Energy productivity analysis and target setting
  • Product/technology stock and sales modelling
  • Energy and resource demand and consumption data
  • Emissions inventories, baselines and projections
  • Economic and financial modelling
  • Market impacts, free rider and spill over effects analysis
  • Experimental design and statistical analysis of policy and program outcomes
  • A:B testing and randomized control trials with static and continuous recruitment
  • Sampling design and analysis
  • Questionnaire design and data collection methods
  • Study design, for experiments and surveys
  • Data management and verification
  • Analysis strategies
  • Modelling of data
  • Data mining and analytics
  • Interpretation of analyses and statistical reasoning
  • Communication of statistical findings, tailored to the audience
  • Quality graphical presentations

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