Big picture

Policy research & analysis

To succeed, policy needs to be grounded in a rigorous understanding of the root causes of the problems we are trying to solve. Goals must be outcomes-focused, measurable, achievable and deliver enduring change.

We know from experience that effective policy takes more than cherry-picking innovative ideas form other jurisdictions – it needs to be adapted to the local cultural, political, industry and regulatory contexts.

Solutions must be crafted to align with operational and fiscal constraints, and the values, and motivations of your internal and external influencers and decision-makers.

We bring deep first-hand knowledge of your operating reality based on decades of experience in policy research, development implementation and reform.

We apply insights gleaned from our experience in leading highly successful programs, as well as the vital lessons learnt from less successful initiatives. Crucially, we understand the demands and expectations of Cabinet, central agencies, and stakeholders.

Our experience covers a broad range of policy architecture, with particular expertise in innovative instruments that harness markets and technology.

Common Capital can help you with:

  • Issue definition
  • Implementation option analysis
  • International policy reviews
  • Legislative and regulatory reviews
  • Cabinet decision support
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Stakeholder workshop facilitation, interviews and surveys
  • Primary technical and industry research
  • Market analysis
  • Supply chain network analysis
  • Stakeholder co-design
  • Experimental policy design and monitoring
  • Regulatory sandpits
  • Program logic and theory of change design
  • Policy framework review
  • Outcome indicator design and measurement
  • Cost effectiveness / cost benefit analysis
  • Economic and statistical modelling and data analysis

Examples of our policy research & analysis projects